All you need to know


+ Who is behind Colonies?

Colonies is a French startup that creates new housing experiences based on flexibility, digitalization and community. Located in Paris, Colonies operates coliving houses in the Paris area and soon in other European cities.

+ Who lives at Colonies?

Our Fonty houses are dedicated to INSEAD MBA students. Ds and Js are usually mixed (about half/half).

+ What equipment is included in the studio?

All studios are equipped with a 140cm bed, a nightstand, a wardrobe, a table or desk, a standing mirror and shelves. Additional furniture can be provided depending on the typology of the studio (sofa, armchair, TV, etc.).

+ What does shared spaces mean?

The common spaces are shared by all the housemates on a daily basis. Each house has its own fully-equipped common space with a big open-plan kitchen, a living room and a laundry space.

+ What’s included in the price?

Your monthly rent includes all utilities (gas, electricity, water and internet), weekly housekeeping, insurance, linens and towels, free laundry, everyday supplies (paper toilet, paper towels, bin bags etc.), your personal bicycle and nice perks!

The only fee that is not included in the price is the local residence tax, which is a city prerogative.

+ What is the length of the lease?

We offer fixed-term leases based on INSEAD periods: from mid-August until December 31st, from January 1st until the beginning of July (after the graduation party) or for the whole study year! Let us know if you have other stay dates in mind.

+ Can I sublet my studio if I’m going abroad?

Yes, it’s possible to sublet your studio to a fellow student for a couple of months. Finding a subtenant and his stay at Colonies will be your full responsibility. But we can help you find someone by forwarding all the incoming booking requests to you.

+ Can I store my personal stuff somewhere while abroad?

Yes, it’s possible to store a few bags in the locked storage room. If you need to leave stuff over the summer, we will ask for an extra fee.

+ Do I have to pay a deposit?

We ask for one month's rent as a deposit before we confirm your stay. We will wire it back to you within one month after your departure (depending on the missing or damaged equipment).

+ How do I book my stay?

It’s easy! Fill out the form online; the Colonies team will get in touch as soon as possible to offer you a studio depending on the remaining availabilities. Once we have agreed on a studio and your stay dates, you will be given access to our online booking platform.

You’ll be asked to sign the lease, upload your personal documents (ID, visa and INSEAD certificate of enrollment) and pay your deposit.

+ What if I don’t have my visa or certificate yet?

No worries. You have until 1 month prior to your arrival to upload it on the platform.

+ How do I pay my monthly rent?

If you have a Eurozone bank account, you can set up a direct debit to allow Colonies to collect your monthly payments automatically. We strongly recommend this, it's less hassle for both you and us!

If you don’t have a Eurozone bank account, you can wire your rent via Transferwise.

You’ll always be able to set up your direct debit once you have opened a Euro bank account in France.

+ What should I know about the rent?

Your first rent is due on your arrival day. The next payments are due every first of the month. The rent amount is prorated for incomplete months. Recurring late payments could lead to a financial penalty.

+ Can I cancel my lease?

Once the deposit has been sent, your lease is not cancellable any more. Unless you find someone to replace you!

+ Are there any rules to respect?

Yes. In order to make sure you all feel comfy, we’ve come up with a few rules for your stay. Nothing fancy or extraordinary, but still crucial.

+ Can couples live at Colonies?

Absolutely, 2-room apartment have been specially designed for couples!

+ Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

+ Is smoking allowed at Colonies?

Smoking is allowed outside of the house in the garden.

+ Is it possible to have feedback from previous tenants?

Of course! Upon request, we can put you in touch with former colivers. Alternatively, feel free to ask around on INSEAD groups (Slack, Facebook…).